Online Classes by Essential Soap​
Kimberly Mcnutt-Hodes​​

Joining the club is not required but so much more fun Plus Dicounts. Read below.....
Step 1. Join the Soapy Club...

1. 1 free class  each month (plus free classes are never     

     deleted. You can watch all that have been recorded any
      time during your membership. 
2.   Great Discounts off pay classes 
3. Be a member of our private club page with all its perks 
4. discounts on cbd and other items.

Please be sure to fill out the forms after you pay.​

                                    59.99 ONE TIME YEARLY FEEg

After you pay... 
Click on Button!
To fill out Form.
No Form No Fun. lol!


Classes are Given in a Interactive,

Go Live Video Format,
on Private Facebook Pages. 

1. You must have a facebook account. 

2. You will be added to a group page on facebook which we have
created to be the  class room for the free class happen.

3. Pay classes are held on different pages. We will become friends on facebook so that i can add you to these secret facebook pages when you pay for a class.
If you miss the class you can watch it after the class is done.
Normally for a week or longer.

4. Some classerooms are still availabale on the page they were recorded on and you can purchase that class at anytime if you are a member. 

5.  Join our club for the great deals on classes and member buy deals.

6. Membership will get you discounts on upcoming classes, member
buys and free classes.